Lagos, xxx, 2024: This year, CT Productions proudly presents The World Ahead 2024 publication, our third edition under an exclusive license from The Economist. Within its pages, readers can expect a section on local content in Nigeria and West Africa, curated by the dedicated editorial team at CT Productions.  

As Nigeria navigates through a shifting economic landscape, CT Productions is delighted to showcase the nation’s journey to the world. Amidst the new administration’s proactive and comprehensive economic reforms, Africa’s largest economy is gaining momentum toward building a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society and stands more resilient than ever before.

CT Productions will spotlight the key success stories and sectors poised for significant growth in Nigeria and West Africa. From technology to agriculture and infrastructure to industry, Nigeria holds the key to unlocking the region’s true potential in the coming decade. As the country continues to shape continental growth, CT Productions remains committed to providing Nigeria, its people, and businesses with the coverage they deserve, enabling them to effectively communicate their vision and achievements globally.

“At CT Productions, we have always believed in Nigeria and West Africa’s transformative power to chart the course of Africa’s future. We look forward to continuing that story in The World Ahead 2024,” remarked Camelia Oros Tsarouchis, Managing Director at CT Productions. “This unique publication, which builds on more than three decades of publishing success, underscores our dedication to ensuring that African voices, visions, and successes are well represented within such a globally recognised and widely read publication.” 

The World Ahead is written by The Economist’s prestigious journalists, senior editors from influential global publications, and acclaimed world leaders, who, in the past, have included contributors such as Ursula von der Leyen, Li Keqiang, and Bill Gates. 

CT Productions’s licensed edition of The World Ahead 2024 will be available on newsstands in April 2024.

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