Efficient data collection is crucial for success. However, many businesses still rely on traditional paper-based methods, which can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and challenging to manage. 

Recognizing this issue, Hyphen, a company known for its financial workflow automation solution, has launched an AI-powered form builder that aims to streamline the data collection process for businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

Today Hyphen is happy to release a new AI form builder for businesses. This tool helps businesses make forms to get leads, add new customers, take orders, and collect information. 

Last year, Hyphen made an app letting anyone build custom web forms without coding. Now, their AI makes full step-by-step forms when you describe what info you need. From verifying customers to taking orders or expenses, Hyphen’s AI handles the hard work.

Simple Solutions for Business Needs

The AI form builder works for many processes like:

Lead Capture: Get info on potential customers through friendly forms.

New Customer Setup: Quick forms speed up adding new customers and making money faster.

Order Management: Better order forms with easy billing and payments.

Info Gathering: Collect and share data easily with digital forms, not paper.

Compliance data intake: Collect data for compliance or underwriting.

Helpful Features

One of the key advantages of the AI form builder is its ability to optimize forms for all devices, ensuring that users can access and complete them seamlessly on any platform, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This feature is particularly important in today’s mobile-centric world, where a significant portion of online interactions occur on handheld devices.

Business owners get useful features including:

Multi-Page Forms: Design forms that feel like an app to keep users interested.

Mobile Friendly: Forms work great on any device like phones and tablets.

Payment Fields: Safe ways to collect payments and financial details.

Data Validation: Automatic checks to ensure accurate info is entered.

Go Digital: Turn paper forms into easy online versions quickly.

No Coding: Make custom forms without programming skills.

Use Anywhere: Put forms on any website or use standalone links.

Connected Data: Automatically send/export form data off the platform.

Easier Data Collection

“Our app builder let businesses make custom web forms, and now our AI makes that even simpler,” said Samson Aligba, Hyphen’s Founder. “Describe what you need, and AI builds the perfect form – whether for leads, orders, onboarding customers or collecting any info. It’s transforming paper processes into more efficient digital ones.”

What you get:

1. A URL with your form/survey ready to use 

2. Dashboard to view all submissions 

3. Optionally send submissions to other apps 

4. And a beautiful builder that allows you fine-tune your forms or create new ones

5. Two lines of code to embed form in your website 

How it works

Describe your form or the kind of data you need to capture with your form, be as detailed as possible

The AI goes to work, give it a minute or two. 

Your form is ready, preview it. If you want, you can fine tune the result and add new fields in our editor. If you like the form, you can save & share it with ease. 

Get Started Today

Business owners ready for better data collection and easier operations can access the new AI form builder now. See a live demo at demo.tryhyphen.com or contact support at tryhyphen.com for more info.

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