The startup economy will be the driving force behind Africa’s development and prosperity for the foreseeable future, and nowhere is this belief stronger than among us at TechCabal. For the past decade, we’ve told stories of triumph, unpacked the complexities of doing business on the continent, and highlighted the heroes who are shaping the future of the startup space.

To honour our commitment to the startup ecosystem in Africa, TechCabal is launching an exciting new video series called My Startup in 60 seconds, a one-minute video show where startup founders share the unique problems they are solving for Africa. 

Here, we will profile the most interesting and innovative startups impacting their respective industries, in videos that cut through the noise and allow you, our audience, to appreciate the back stories, and the trials and tribulations of becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

We meet founders like Babatunde Akin Moses and his company Sycamore, which connects lenders to borrowers who need money—although they are not like every other loan company. We also get to know Adeola Ayoola, who co-founded Famasi Africa, a platform that connects Africans with recurring medication needs, with last-mile care. And there is Mmone Mopane, founder of Outwork Spaces, a company that is making it easy for remote workers to find workspaces near them. 

For the next three months we will feature six startups. We hope you learn something from the journey of these incredible startup founders, and we hope that they inspire you as much as they inspire us at TechCabal.  Follow the link here to watch the videos.

Adrian Ephraim Editor-in-Chief

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